In order to meet the social needs of the targeted group of children, adolescents and women, One Ummah has opened multiple centers that provide psychosocial support services to people in many regions and have included multiple sub-projects under the umbrella of each center.

Psychological Support Objectives:

Psychological support under One Ummah aims to improve the mental health status of Syrian children and their families in their places of residence through the implementation of a series of programs and activities of various psychological support  including:

  • Provide children with psychological support and care, alleviate their suffering and maximize their full growth and potential. In addition to this, raise awareness of their needs and rights.
  • Provide health and psychological care services to people who have been negatively affected by the events of the Syrian conflict and help them cope with difficult situations.
  • Raise the parents awareness about various issues and ongoing psychological pressures and provide them with techniques on how to deal with them.

Programs and Activities:

  • Organize group counseling sessions.
  • Organize individual mentoring sessions.
  • Organize psychological awareness sessions to relieve stress.
  • Organize events and activities.
  • Organize awareness campaigns at schools.
  • Educate children about their rights and opportunities.
  • Issue posters that reflect the children’s problems.
  • Use innovative ways to attract children by presenting a variety of visuals that mimic children’s psychological needs, as well as various advertisements and play scenes provided by children themselves to discuss coping methods and relief techniques.
  • Provide training in the field of stress management.

Target Segment Within Section:

Directly: One Ummah schools and a Sanad project.Indirectly: Working teams that consist of a group of people who are specially trained.