Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict we have witnessed the disastrous outcome in terms of education. This led us to immerse ourselves in working in the field of education as we consider this to be a major cornerstone for the revival of any society. One Ummah is a key building block in the field of education and aspires to excellence by providing assistance in cities throughout war-torn Syria.

Total beneficiaries of the education department:

  • Males: 120 
  • Females: 544
  • Children: 3,086
  • Total: 3,750 

Educational Projects:

  • Schools: 5
      – Manarat Al Ola school
      – Sanabil Al Khair school
      – Sonaa Al Hayat school
      – Al Kotof Al Dania school
      – Dar Al Hedaya kindergarten
  • Projects: 6
      – Sanad project
      – Al Kotof Al Dania project
      – Accelerated Education Project
      – Volunteer Staff Project
      – Sanabel Al Tawhid project
      – Basmat Amal market project
      – Spring of our hearts project
  • Number of concerts and distributions: 2440