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Syria Lives, Help keep Syria Alive!

Be the lifeline for those in Syria this Ramadan!

It is our collective duty as an Ummah to support our brothers and sisters in Shaam who have been steadfast and patient in the face of oppression and difficulty for over a decade.

Syria Still Needs You

 2.7 million Syrians are internally displaced in Northern Syria and the brutal war and its affects on the people remain. Many are still in need of your help.

Nursery Project

This is a unique initiative setup independently by women using their experiences and knowledge to empower and give female members of society the opportunity to have a productive role in rebuilding Free Syria.

Ertugrul Riding Centre Syria

Helping orphans in war to deal with their trauma, build relationships and confidence!

My Celebration

Have a Qurbani / Udhiyah (Sacrifice) to make, be it for an Aqiqah, Walima, Sadaqah or any other reason why not feed the needy people of Shaam?

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