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My Celebration

Have a Qurbani / Udhiyah (Sacrifice) to make, be it for an Aqiqah, Walima, Sadaqah or any other reason why not feed the needy people of Shaam?

Make your celebration become someone elses too!

Eating meat has become a luxury for most displaced Syrians living in Idlib. Many are struggling to make ends meet financially and feed their families. Let your Qurbani bring some pleasure to those less fortunate.

Syria Still Needs You!

Your donations are still needed so we can continue helping the weak and oppressed.

Displacement, harsh winter conditions and now the outbreak of Corona virus means that we must assess the situation and provide help where necessary.

Our teams are working tirelessly on the ground to ensure your donations are given in the right place.

Nursery Project

Lulu wal Marjaan (Corals and Pearls)

This is a unique initiative setup independently by women using their experiences and knowledge to empower and give female members of society the opportunity to have a productive role in rebuilding Free Syria.

Our main focus is to help the women and children who attend via education, therapy and training. Giving them the support and opportunities to benefit not only themselves and families but also their community at large.

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