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Bir Ümmet literally means ‘One Nation’ in the Turkish language.

Since the beginning of the revolution, Turkey and its kind and welcoming people, have strongly supported the Syrians in their struggle for independence and honour.

Established in Eastern Ghouta 2013 and active until 2018, we continue our work in Northern Syria after the forced displacement of the people of Ghouta.

We are a grassroots organization that is non profit making. Our focus is on developmental/educational projects to benefit Syrian society.

Our main office is in Turkey, Istanbul and we have other offices and projects within Northern Syria.

Our Vision

To be an organization that will be at the forefront in building a new nation, with the permission of Allah SWT.

Our Mission

To strive to rebuild Syrian society by focusing primarily on education and nurturing a new generation who understand their obligation to God and humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bir Ümmet is registered with the Turkish Charities Commission in Turkey. We are required to provide regular reports about all our activities

All Zakah donations are 100%, we may take upto 3% administration fee from other donations towards covering costs. Please note that the majority of this 3% fee goes back towards helping Syrians i.e. staff wages etc.


We have a number of donation options, bank transfer (details in contact section), Launchgood platform (please see current appeals) or cash.

We have donations specifically made for administration, on occasions if this is not sufficient to finance our operations we may take upto 3% from donations except Zakah

Yes, if you have a special project in mind such as water well, masjid quran school etc(please see special campaigns) we can help you implement that project.

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