Introduce them to various crafts and trades and small projects in order to equip them with skills and improve their general knowledge. This will also liberate them from the idea that begging is their only option and will help provide them with an acceptable income in which they do not need to rely on begging.

Spring of our Hearts Project

This project aims to strengthen the attachment to the Holy Qur’an and advocates the instillment of fundamental values in children. In addition to this, it aims to enhance thinking skills and offer psychological support for children.

Project Goals:

  • Ensure children reach a specific level of the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.
  • Instill religious values and principles in children.
  • Link general education with the education of the Sharia.
  • Develop children’s critical thinking skills.
  • Work on shaping the child both psychologically and physically.


Male and female students: 600